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John Thomas Taylor is a drummer, producer, and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to his solo music career, John has also been a cornerstone of music groups such as Outsight, Veris, and Corey Crowder.

Born with a sense of rhythm, John grew up banging on boxes with lincoln logs. After graduating to Mom’s pots and pans became unacceptable, John received his first drum kit at age 12.

John’s expertise grew quickly, allowing him to become a leader in school percussion programs while also learning the guitar and recording skills necessary to release his first solo and group albums. Since then, John has contributed his talent on hundreds of tracks and performed in countless live shows alongside popular acts such as Willie Nelson, Lady Antebellum, Underoath, and Zac Brown Band.

You’ve probably heard John’s audio production on tracks for television shows like MTV’s The Real World and The WB’s One Tree Hill.

In composition and collaboration, John often uses the Nashville Number System. He also treats digital technology as a modern musical instrument rather than just a tool. John continues to create and perfect a sound uniquely his own. When he’s not the man behind the instrument, his audio mastering company SoundOps is dedicated to helping other musicians sound their best.

- Addison Williams


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